Spruce up your interior with recycled paint

Yep. You read that correctly. Recycled paint. Could there really be such a thing? How on earth can you recycle paint? Well, a few very clever bods have figured it out – and very good paint it is too.

Newlife Paint is the first of its kind: Paint is created from the waste paint diverted from landfill sites across the South by a small, yet highly knowledgeable and dedicated team of people. Remember all those little scraps of paint in tins that were left over from that spot of decorating? The ones that you finally got around to taking to the tip after languishing under the stairs for years? Well, they usually end up in landfill, but at a few selected sites, they are collected and given a second life.

Batched up with similar colours, the paint undergoes a series of processes (which are very complicated and very scientific!) re-tinted, re-packaged and resold. It is new paint from old, with a recycled content of up to 90%. It is pretty much magic.

As well as its recycled credentials, the paint is available in a whole range of lovely colours and finishes – including a matt finish paint in many glorious shades for the new REBORN range (see the lovely hand painted colour card above). We are particularly in love with the dark ‘intense slate’ colour. Oooh….

The paint is also low in the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) that give you that ‘freshly painted headache’ and has a very low odour, so better for your health than some other emulsion paints. It also goes a very long way – with one 2.5 litre can covering around 30 square metres – all for about £30.

So if a fully organic paint is out of the budget, why not consider a recycled paint instead? It’s perfect to spruce up your interior in time for Christmas – or to give your new year a new look.