September’s Tune of the Month – Reflektor by Arcade Fire

Hello again folks, September has arrived and it looks like the sun has gone for good, but, fear not – it also happens to be an awesome month for new music. We’ve been waiting for this month’s tune to drop for quite a while now – just under a year to be precise – ever since it was revealed that LCD Soundsystem man and all round dude, James Murphy, was in the studio with Arcade Fire. Safe to say it doesn’t disappoint…

There was a mixture of excitement, surprise and panic on the Interweb last Saturday (07/09) – Arcade Fire’s fiercely anticipated new single had leaked. After weeks of cryptic marketing involving street art (right), a secret Instagram account and even a surprise gig in a Salsa bar, it had finally arrived. Panic came in the form of the band’s label, who quickly had it removed (the single was due to be unveiled two days later at 9 o’clock on 9/9), whereas the excitement was reserved for us fans with the realisation that, yes, it was everything we’d been hoping for and much more.

Speculation has been rife about how their new material will sound – with the influence of Murphy – and his mark on the track is evident from the word go, not least because it’s just under eight minutes long. It has that classic build LCD were the masters of, beginning with a simple but effective drumbeat, added percussion and subtle synths before Win Butler and Régine Chassange’s vocals are introduced. From here the track continues to build as sounds swirl in and out of the mix. Then – at around the 4:45 mark – horns join the party and, sorry, who’s that on backing vocals? Oh yeah, it’s David Bowie! We’re then treated to a lovely little piano breakdown before the track reaches it’s final swelling crescendo. Phew!