November’s Tune of the Month: Carry Me by Bombay Bicycle Club

It’s nearly December!? Only four weeks until Christmas! Wow, that’s gone fast. We’ll be waiting in a thirty person deep queue for a pair of terribly tacky musical socks in no time. Oh boy! Well, at least there’s a little treat here to take your mind of the ‘hoo-hah’, and will get you excited about new music again…

How does a band that, in February, will have released four records in five years(!) manage not to re-hash and bore everyone with the same old songs? Because, other than being awesome, Bombay Bicycle Club have been able to re-invent themselves and surprise everyone with each new release. Carry Me, the first single from their upcoming album, is no different.

With front man Jack Steadman at the helm of production, Carry Me has an infinitely dance-ier sound than previous records. However, don’t get carried away into thinking the new Bombay Bicycle Club record is aimed at the more mainstream clubbing scene. Oh no, this record has class. With each listen, another subtle element layered within the tune will make itself apparent and stop you in your tracks as you think, “Ooo, where did that come from? I didn’t notice that earlier!” Whether that’s Lucy Rose’s sampled vocals from Travelling Song – a song off Steadman’s solo project – or the horn sections crescendos, the band have not rested on their laurels and have created another imaginative and rounded single.

Considering the UK hasn’t had the pleasure of seeing the band tour since their sold out Alexandra Palace show in 2012 (a 10,000 ticket sell-out…!), anticipation for the next record has not waned. Guitarist Jamie MacColl has said that this will be their “best album yet” – obviously he would say that.. but, if Carry Me is anything to judge by, he may well be right.

You’ll love Carry Me if you like:

Ever-evolving bands that still sound like they’re the new kids on the block!
Mature indie-electro tunes
Sweaty dance pits