EggMag: The End

Yes, I’m afraid you did read that right – this post brings some sad tidings with it. After a truly wonderful four-and-a-half years I have decided that it’s time to close our beloved, green, culture magazine.

Due to various factors, including the news that I am expecting a second child, I have come to the conclusion that I sadly cannot give the website the time and attention it deserves.

I want to heartily thank all of you enthusiastic EggMaggers and, of course, every one of the magazine’s splendid advertisers and contributors, from print to web. You are all deserving of a big smacker – the world is that little bit happier with you light-footed and conscious folk in it.

Please do have a final butchers of the site here. It will be live for a little while yet, probably until early 2014, when it will flicker and disappear into thin air. If you missed any issues of the printed magazine, we still have a few left for sale if you want to hang on to some culture with a conscience. They’re pretty timeless…

Thank you once again and goodbye,


P.S If anyone is in need of some EggMag-style help with anything, the amazing team are mostly available for freelance work. Among others, services provided are as follows:

– If you need anything designed, or an article on sustainable living written, you can contact EggMag’s founding editor, Ellie Good.

– If you need some ethical fashion styling, or someone to write about it, Zoe Robinson can help.

– If you need a make-up artist or beauty writer with a wholly natural kit, then Lou Dartford is your woman.

– If you need some homes or interiors advice, Claire Potter can help you out.

– If you need a personal wardrobe revolution, Stephanie Roper will jump to your aid.